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A Modern Uniform for New Realities

At NAAYIB we are driven by a desire to marry modesty with modernity, to live in a contemporary metropolis without being consumed by it. The search for coexistence is both restless and enlightening.

We see modesty as a powerful design brief that informs and inspires our creative process. We work to reinvent traditional styles, creating garments for modern women living modern lives. This design philosophy runs through every piece we create, from our adjustable dresses down to our thoughtful detailing.

Our coordinates collection is inspired by the iconic ‘Shalwar Kameez,' the two-piece sets from the Indian sub-continent, in English meaning ‘trousers and shirt’. Thought to have been introduced by the Mughals, the Muslim rulers of India, the style continues to be a popular choice for the women of South Asia. Comprising of a long tunic and a loose trouser, the set is known for its versatility and comfort. Traditionally embroidered and often vibrantly clashed we sought to bring a contemporary harmony to the concept, using elegant tailoring and sustainable fabrics suited to ‘cooler’ climates.

Our collection includes separates intended for pairing, all featuring our signature style; understated designs in rich, sophisticated colours. Versatile and designed to pair with ease, these are effortless combinations with elegant detailing and beautifully draped fabrics. Loose in fit, our garments are designed to let materials move and fall in their most natural form.

Whether they feature our breezy wide leg or our simple but elegant taper, our trousers echo the ‘Salwar’ with modern, considered silhouettes designed to be stylish in their own right. The collection also includes a number of modernised ‘Kameez’s’ in differing guises, from our more tailored utility dress with a bell sleeve and crisp collar, to the laid-back feel of our airy swing dress. Combine these with perfectly matching hues or mix and match colours for a more tonal look. The collection has been designed to be interchangeable so you can create instant, every-day looks without ever sacrificing style. Referred to by our founder and creative director as ‘Shall-work kameez’s’, a reference to the need for clothing to meet the demands of modern work, family and social lives, these pieces are designed to wear anywhere, equally suited to the home as they are to the professional world, even if for now that’s only over a zoom call.

Co-ordination is about experimenting and balancing out styles and colours, ultimately seeking harmony, an idea that is at the heart of what we do. Be it matching colour and textures with form, or balancing modesty with modernity, our mission is to design products tailored to new and changing realities. 




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