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In Conversation with Modestly Speaking

In Conversation with Modestly Speaking

Fatima Mukhtar is the woman behind fashion and lifestyle blog 'Modestly Speaking'. Living in Texas, married and mum to three children, her blog is full of tips and advice on how to dress stylishly AND modestly for all of life’s moments. We sat down with Fatima to find out more about what inspires her and her thoughts on modest style.


When did you start your blog and why?

I established Modestly Speaking a little over three years ago for two reasons. First, I wanted to create a resource for women who choose to dress modestly to find clothes that fit their multi-faceted lives. It’s not easy to find clothes that have longer sleeves and hemlines, so I try to do the work for you. The other reason is to show traditional retailers the spectrum of modest fashion. Muslim women and our fashion sense are more complex than floral maxi dresses and hijabs.



What changes (if any) have you noticed in the modest fashion community since you began your career?

I like seeing more variety in modest fashion influencers’ personal style. It isn’t fun to see the same outfits as you scroll through Instagram, this keeps the feed interesting. I’m also starting to see more diversity, which is also nice.


What does the word 'modesty' mean to you?

Modesty is an outward reflection of your inner character. In addition to maintaining a sense of humility in my interactions, I make sure the way I dress is a visualisation of who I am: someone who is mindful of God’s expectations of me, one who expects to receive as much respect as I give, and someone who puts thought into whatever I do. 


What are your biggest motivations?

With Modestly Speaking, and life in general, I just want to be of service to others. In sharing posts of modest outfits, I hope to inspire women to have confidence in dressing modestly. Wear those leggings to the beach or long sleeves in the summer.

And finally what is your go-to outfit when want to feel your most confident?

I love a midi skirt paired with great pair of shoes. 

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